Wallis peaks

1,394 peaks

Highest peak

Monte Rosa (Dufourspitze)

15,203 ft / 4,633 m

Most summited peak

Breithorn West

34 summits

Most prominent peak

Monte Rosa (Dufourspitze)

7,103 ft / 2,164 m prom

Wallis summits

504 summits

First Ascent Awards

158 of 1,394 peaks 11%

Top climbing months

July 31%

August 22%

September 11%

Wallis mountains highlights

"Started the half traverse of Breithorn from the klein Matterhorn cable car at 8.15 and reached the peak at 11.15 and came back to the cable car at 12.15. At the ridge poor visibility and wind speed up to 70 kmh. Climbed with a guide and Takayuki Tamaki from Osaka. Good day! " - Breithorn (Mittelgipfel), niklasbennwik, Jul 16, 2017
"Started the half traverse of Breithorn at 8.15, reached the west summit at 11.15 and came back to the cable car at 12.15. Went with a guide and Tamayuki Tamaki from Osaka. Strong winds around 70 kmh and poor visibility. Great mountain! " - Breithorn West, niklasbennwik, Jul 16, 2017
"After hiking the Pointe de Bellevue and the Tour de Don (starting from the Pas de Morgins) on the same day I also summitted the Tête du Tronchet and the I walked down to La Pantiaz." - Tête du Tronchey, FelinaFoto, Sep 9, 2016
"Summited with my czech climbing friend Daniel. Sunny day, no wind. Some falling stones. Started from the lift at 3000 meters. After the summit we returned to Weissmeishutte. The day after we went up to Weissmeis but returned from 3700 meters. Very nice area!!" - Lagginhorn, niklasbennwik, Sep 3, 2016
"Followed the ladder route from Mauvoisin dam, camped at the foot of glacier de Gietro and followed the west ridge to the summit. 9-10 hour round trip with moderate but exposed scrambling. Insane views!" - Le Pleureur, chrisbrown, Aug 24, 2016

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