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Falling Rock Canyon

"Familiar story on my part. I only had 5 consecutive hours to bag a peak for the entire weekend, and I end up with an HPS summit. I had considered Sugarloaf in the past, but always avoided it since it would involve a lot of scrambling. Today I didn't seem to mind a good scramble. After leaving the Icehouse Canyon Trail at about a half mile in, I crossed the creek and began ascending Falling Rock Canyon. It didn't take long to realize and contribute to the canyon's name. I methodically worked my way up to the ridgeline leading to Sugarloaf and then to the summit. Coming back down was much quicke" - Peak-Conquistador, Mar 31, 2018
"A perfect short morning hike up Falling rock to Suagrloaf peak. Fun company and perfect weather. The valley was a sea of clouds but we had great views of Mt. Baldy and the 3 T's!" - DerekJayRichardson, Apr 20, 2015
"Bagged it on the way down from Ontario Peak. Watch out for the last dry waterfall! It's not passable. To detour this, get on a trace trail on the east side, then contour to the east. " - thesearcherextraordinaire, May 17, 2014
"Was surprised by the two dry falls early, but once you got past those it was pretty standrad class II. Found a wedding ring during the hike, although since only one other person has claimed it before me on this site, I don't think it belongs to a peakery member." - Christopher, Jan 20, 2012
"Went on a day hike to Bag Bighorn, Ontario, and then cross country down to sugarloaf. All went well until we decided to cross country down sugarloaf to the Parking lot. Instead of going down falling rock canyon we went straight down the north face. It was very steep loose rock and quite dangerous but we managed fine until we got about halfway down and hit in passable buckthorn trees on both sides... At this point the sun was going down, my hiking partner was fatigued and our way out from here was to climb back straight up this steep loose rock in the dark which I knew would be very dangerous e" - 1-with-Nature, Sep 5, 2010



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