Andalucía peaks

1,424 peaks

Highest peak

Pico de Mulhacén

11,423 ft / 3,481 m

Most summited peak

Pico de Mulhacén

22 summits

Most prominent peak

Pico de Mulhacén

10,777 ft / 3,284 m prom

Andalucía summits

184 summits

First Ascent Awards

94 of 1,424 peaks 6%

Top climbing months

August 33%

May 12%

December 10%

Andalucía mountains highlights

"We have to pick up a family member in Granada and we decided to stay overnight in the Guadix region. This area is a natural monument, where ravines and cave houses are everywhere. We climb Cerro Muntual without knowing what we are going to find. At the foot of the hill there is a spa with sulphurous waters good for curing diseases. The views from above are really good, we see the bottom Sierra Nevada, and troglodyte villages. The path that takes us up starts behind the Los Baños de Graena school. We have the feeling that time has stopped because of the stillness that is breathed here." - Cumbres de Muntual, franciscobirruezo, Jul 27, 2018
"One more day I write from Sierra Nevada, a magical mountain in the province of Granada. Today's goal is almost 10000 feet above sea level. We start the route calmly from La Hoya de La Mora and reserving energy. After a couple of miles Elvira has a dizziness that makes us doubt but we managed to solve it by eating chocolate and nuts. We continue advancing under a gale of care over a landscape full of rocks. The views are incredible. At the top there are remains of machine gun nests from the Spanish Civil War (1936), we rested and had a small lunch. A group of climbers takes a picture of us. Fr" - Tanto de Manolico, franciscobirruezo, Jul 17, 2018
"We are in the Sierra Nevada National Park. We arrived last night. This morning we will climb el Peñón de Dílar. We started at the Mirlo Blanco recreational area, where an employee tells us that we can cross a fence, set to avoid the entry of cattle. We gain height quickly until we reach Los Borreguiles de Monachil where we pass behind a Pipe Snowboard. From here we find a path that will bring us closer to the Peak. We find wild cows in the middle of the trails and they all stare at us but we can pass. Numerous snowfields remain in the highest areas." - Peñón de Dílar, franciscobirruezo, Jul 16, 2018
"We drive about 80 miles by car until we approach this mountain near El Moralejo. The temperature when we arrive is 41 F. We went up the east side of the Peak until we came to a long rope at the top. Right here is the border between Granada and Murcia. Holm oaks abound but in the highest areas the vegetation is scarce." - Pico Gato, franciscobirruezo, Dec 17, 2017
"Another day in Cabo de Gata. Not even Elvira accompanies me in El Cerro del Noble. The soil is full of volcanic stone and it slides too much, in addition the heat is suffocating. There is more than one dangerous animal around here and that is why I am careful. Near Rodalquilar Village where there are some old gold mines (Denver Plant), go to the viewingpoint of the Amethyst, our mountain is in front of the information booth." - Cerro del Noble, franciscobirruezo, Jul 28, 2017

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