10,358 ft / 3,157 m


5,598 ft / 1,706 m




72 summits

Top climbing months

August   41%

July   16%

September  15%

Most climbed route

South Sister Climber Trail

Class 2 • 4,909 ft / 1,496 m gain


  • The highest of the famous Three Sisters, three volcanic peaks all over 10,000 ft high lying ~10 miles south of Sisters, Oregon
  • South Sister is the 3rd highest peak and the 4th most prominent in the state of Oregon
  • Located in the ~287,000 acre Three Sisters Wilderness, the 2nd largest wilderness in Oregon
  • One of the most climbed peaks in the state; most climbed in late summer but also a popular late spring backcountry skiing destination.
  • Features a summit crater that holds a small lake known as Teardrop Pool, the highest lake in Oregon. Also features a number of small glaciers including the Lewis, Clark, Lost Creek and Prouty glaciers.
  • The standard South Ridge climbing route is a non-technical 12.6 miles round-trip with 4,912 ft vertical gain.



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