14,099 ft / 4,297 m


1,132 ft / 345 m


19 summits

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August   42%

September  15%

June   15%

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East Slopes


  • Snowmass Mountain is Colorado 14er within the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness in the Elk Mountains.
  • Named for the large snowfield that lies on its eastern slopes.
  • Not to be confused with the Snowmass ski area, located outside Snowmass Village; nor with nearby Snowmass Peak, a lower but more visually striking peak that towers over Snowmass Lake.
  • Hagerman Peak sits between Snowmass Mountain and Snowmass Peak and is also often mistaken for Snowmass Mountain.
"Camped above the log jam before the switchbacks since we were short on daylight. Take care to secure any leafy greens as the rabbits are highly active in this area. I recall bushwacking past a pretty lake and a lot of talus hopping before reaching the summit ridge. If your comfortable with class 3/4 then stay on the ridge the whole way for the more enjoyable climbing. " - Yosemike, Aug 16, 2013



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