4.10.2021~Sheep peak, solo. 10 miles, 4,600’ gain in 7:18hrs. I took the ridge south of Wagon Canyon that went directly to the peak and returned the same way. I didn’t expect this trek to take as long as it did. The terrain was harsh and it was hot. I haven’t been in high elevation in a long time and I’m still very tired from my 2nd dose of the covid vaccine 3 days ago. Those are my excuses for being slow as f#ck. I was so slow, I was able to spot a 3mm heart rock on the ground (see photo) I didn’t expect my 2WD Kia Soul (with Costco tires) to make it the 14 miles off road to Cow Camp TH so I packed my E-Bike (just in case)....but as rough as the road was, my car surprised me again and made it within 1/10 of a mile! I had to go 10mph. This area is beautiful, remote and felt very lonely. There were snow patches near the top and stunted Bristlecones. It was neat to be among the pine trees again. The reg. dated back nearly 40 years but I’m sure there have been visits prior. Getting out to this hike is a hassle but well worth it. I’ve now done the 2 highest peaks in this Mtn Range. I drank all of my 2.5 liters of water. I had to sit and rest many times on the way up. I had a front row seat on the struggle bus today.