3.4 mi to summit

9.1 mi total


4,709 ft start


3,455 ft gain


2 hr 1 min to summit

7 hr 8 min total

Kinda underestimated both of these mountains. I got a late start and dealt with the hottest parts of the day. The switchback trail has great views of Olympus all the way until you go over Victor pass. Then you drop down a bit to go back up a second pass. From there you circle around second top and go up Heather Pass. Then the fun scramble up Second Top began, staying mostly on the ridge. After taking a ramp to the base of the summit block I climbed up a solid class 3 section to make it to the airy summit. Super cool peak with a good finish. I made my way back to Heather Pass and did my best to stay on the ridge to First Top but harder climbing made me take it down a bit. First Top was the less enjoyable climb but still felt very remote. I could see a fire in the distance that is at Lake Crescent. I dropped down early to Heather park and made the super hot hike out with half a liter of water. Good day but I was scorched.

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