5,686 ft / 1,733 m


3 summits

Top climbing months

February   33%

June   33%

November   33%

Most climbed route

Twin Lakes Trail #1503

"Having not been out since Sunday, I needed to find a fairly mellow hike to keep things moving in preparation for my plans to summit Mount Saint Helens tomorrow. The forecast was for clear skies so I settled on Sasse Mountain near Salmon la Sac since I missed out on the views on my recent trip to nearby Hex Mountain. At 730 I left the car and followed a solid trench up the old road just south of the Henderson Creek Trail. We stayed left when one path split off toward Hex Mountain then left the road just before Howson Creek, heading directly towards point 5159. Around 3000 feet the snow surfa" - Jeb, Feb 8, 2013


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