8,720 ft / 2,658 m


160 ft / 49 m


14 summits

Top climbing months

July   42%

June   14%

May   7%

Most climbed route

Devil's Slide

"1 year after I 1st hit this summit and ran for my life from the mountain fire I returned to see the after math while climb a few peaks. My buddy and I were the last ones to bag this peak before the fire and likely the first ones to bag it since due to the area being off limits. This was peak #51 of my 100 in 2014 goal." - 1-with-Nature, Jul 27, 2014
"On Day 1 of a 2 day backpack in the San Jacinto Mountains my friend and I started up from Humber Park and made our way through a couple meadows before climbing the ridge just west of Red Tahquitz Peak where we picked a spot to stay for the night and dropped pack. From there we took the vodka and weed up to Red Tahquitz Peak where we kicked back for over 2 hours and just enjoyed life from an awesome summit with expansive views and huge drops. This was a badass summit and the first for me in this range. We slept no more than a 1000 ft. from the summit and Climbed both Tahquitz and Lily Rock the " - 1-with-Nature, Jul 14, 2013



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