14,265 ft / 4,348 m


1,105 ft / 337 m


220 summits

Top climbing months

July   24%

August   16%

September  10%

Most climbed route

East Ridge (Classic)

Class 1


  • Quandary Peak is the highest Colorado 14er in the Tenmile Range, a northern extension of the Mosquito Range.
  • Its proximity to Denver and Breckenridge and its easy class 1 trail make it an extremely popular fourteener.
  • Quandary also has tougher routes including the Class 3 West Ridge and a fifth class rock climbing route called the Inwood Arete.
  • Quandary Peak is also popular with backcountry skiers and snowboarders.
  • The gentle ascent makes for an easy climb from the east with less danger from avalanche than on many other fourteeners.
  • The other slopes of the peak are steep and appeal to expert backountry skiers, such as the Cristo Couloir ski mountaineering route.
"My final hike during my week in CO, and my first CO 14er. Lots of people, but everyone was friendly. Saw a couple mountain goats and lots of pika. Had nice weather, breezy and cool at the summit. Took just over three hours to summit. Hopefully I can come back to Colorado soon!" - kaylam87, Aug 11, 2017
"My second summit of Quandary. It was a very clear sunny day with no wind at all. Could not have asked for better weather. The family of goats was probably the largest I have ever seen in one place at the same time. The most I could get in a single shot was 5 or 6, but there were probably at least 12-15." - IanWright, Feb 28, 2016
"My buddy Kyle and I decided to do a winter hike. I selected the 14er and off we went. About 2/3's the way up he made the responsible decision to head back to the car. I made the summit in the fierce winter wind, got my pics and headed down. It was a good and challenging hike. Glad there was not too much snow. The wind was intense blowing the snow around to the point that it was difficult to see." - Brandon-Shinsplint-, Dec 11, 2015
"The entrance to the trail head is between mile marker 78 and 79. It is marked with a brown sign but it's not very clear. Recommend driving slowly through that mile to hit the correct turn in. Saw a family of goats including a very small, very fluffy kid." - DaniB, Sep 8, 2015
"My 19th fourteener so far this year. A fairly quick and easy hike by fourteener standards. A beautiful clear day with a very cold wind at the summit. On the way down we came a cross a family of Mountain Goats with several young kids that were hanging out on the trail. They didn't seem to care much about us even though we were close enough we could have touched them. This was quite different from our experience with the goat we encountered on Mount Harvard. A great hike with good views of the north side of Mount Lincoln and Mount Democrat. " - IanWright, Sep 8, 2015



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