11,326 ft / 3,452 m


786 ft / 239 m


56 summits

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August   30%

July   21%

June   14%

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Red Pine

"Ran up from the White Pine trailhead, made it running about to the Red Pine turnoff and then started power hiking and running intermittently up the trail. Unfortunately we lost the trail that goes up to the ridge from the Upper Red Pine basin, and ended up just boulder hopping all the way up to the ridge and then cut over from there to the top of the Pfeifferhorn." - tomsenreed, Aug 6, 2016
"Beatout Hike with my friend Connor. Started at 10PM from white pine TH the night before. Slept at Red Pine Lake. Woke up, chilled out, went to Upper Red Pine Lake, too much snow and couldn't really find a trail so hoofed it through a lot of snow. I slipped through the snow and hit a rock underneath on my leg, and now I have a gnarly scar to remember it by. Luckily I had some butterfly bandages and we continued. Made our own path up to the ridge right next to little pfeiffer, summited that. On our way along the ridge to pfeifferhorn we saw the only person of the day. A nice older lady on her wa" - RamboDaWulf420, Jun 22, 2015
"clear skies, climbed the snowfield for fun, training up on proper ice axe techniques. Blowy as hell on top - lost my favorite hat :( (I count this as a sacrifice to the mountain gods - guaranteeing good climbing season). /\/\/\/\/\" - DianaC, Jun 21, 2015
"Trail run. Better route finding (than previous climbs) put me on top of Pfeifferhorn from the White Pine parking lot in less than two hours. The rain must have discouraged the usual crowd of people I meet on top of the summit and along the ridgeline. " - Hardman, Jul 12, 2013
"via North Ridge with Joseph Bullough and Michael Kligman. From car to car was right at 8 hours. We hiked from White Pine TH through Maybird gulch. We climbed a steep couloir that consisted of one roped pitch to reach the ridge. From there we followed the ridge upward. It seems we lost the ridge as we were ascending and had to ascend a pretty tricky line back to the ridge. I think there was maybe two moves that were more difficult that the normal crux of the ridge. The loose rock was what made this climb difficult and fairly dangerous. Michael and I both took a few small rocks to the helmet. It" - darinwilson, Sep 23, 2012



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