0.8 mi to summit

3.7 mi total


6,041 ft start

7,691 ft max


2,318 ft gain

2,548 ft loss


1 hr 14 min to summit

4 hr 45 min total

I've been eyeballing this ridge for a while now. With the government shutdown & mild temps, this seemed like the time to finally get up here. Paul & I drove up Lovell Canyon to Rocky Gap Road. The road was VERY washed out, but we were able to get where we needed with the Jeep. We headed straight up to a small saddle on the ridge south of Peppe Peak, then followed it to that summit. From there, we traversed down, up, down & up again to finally reach Tio Grande Peak. The views were magnificent & the weather was perfect. We debated descending down through the cliffbands to avoid the up & down of the ridge, but since we couldn't see a sure way through, we went back the way we came. This area, even as close as it is to Red Rock, does not see many visitors. It's unfortunate. Today's hike was very fun!

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Route name

South Ridge


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