8,047 ft / 2,453 m


6,686 ft / 2,038 m


Lefka Ori


5 summits

Top climbing months

April   28%

May   28%

July   14%

Most climbed route

From direction of Chora Sfakion

"Leading a Waymark party. Staying at Chora Sfakion. With one member of the Waymark party I joined an advertised trip to summit of Pachnes. I wanted to ascend Pachnes in order to assess its possibilities for inclusion in the programme. The trip involved a very long and uncomfortable journey in a 4WD pick-up truck. The walk is guided, but this is not at all needed as the way is obvious. The 4WD truck could not reach the end of the track due to snow blockage. If it had the walk would have been quite short. The mountain is not particularly impressive. The cost was 45 euro. The conclusion is that, w" - peter43, May 27, 2004



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