7,124 ft / 2,171 m


1,610 ft / 491 m


23 summits

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May   17%

October   17%

June   17%

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PCT Detour

"Big day for animals- saw a mule deer, spotted and then got serenaded by a den of coyotes, and then came across two baby short horned toads along the trail. The trail is steep once you get off the PCT, although we took the SE ridge and I believe the NNE is recommended. The top has a nice playground of boulders, and the summit block was class IV at best. Stopped at Newcomb's Ranch for dinner and drinks on the way out." - Christopher, Oct 8, 2012
"Had to take the dirt road the whole way due to the PCT being closed from Mill Creek to Pacifico. Everything was burned and dead. Would recommend waiting till the vegetation grows back. " - dgrutherford, Jun 4, 2011



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