9,113 ft / 2,778 m


673 ft / 205 m


18 summits

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November   15%

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Access road to Onyx Summit

"Straight up the West Face from Onyx Summit parking area. Lots of families out enjoying the snow. There was a lot of brush and trees on the face, so I dropped my snowshoes about half way up which was a mistake. The last quarter mile on the flatter summit area was non-stop post-holing. Cool views out across Joshua Tree and the desert." - edg, Dec 9, 2018
"Although the peak is probably about a mile away from the parking area, I followed the meandering Onyx Peak Road to the summit. Since the road hike is 6 miles, then there is no need for me to say that the route to the top is indirect! In retrospect, there was a number of times I thought that I could simply go in a cross country route and avoid the majority of the road. But since I've never been there before, I just took it easy and followed the road. I would have made it to the top either way, except this way I got a few more miles under my belt. The day started out with high expectations of co" - Peak-Conquistador, Oct 21, 2017
"Easy hike up Pacific Crest Trail and Dirt Road (1N01), and peak service road to summit. The hike to Onyx Peak starts at a parking area at Onyx Summit at 8,443'. Walk up the semi-steep road, paved at first, then dirt and join the Pacific Crest Trail in about 100 yards, and hike left (north) for about a mile until reaching 1N01, and bear slight right onto the dirt road, still going roughly north. The road will curve to the east and then to the south and then after an "S" curve, there will be a fork in the road. Bear very slightly right, as this is the service road to the summit, and bearing " - brianpowell, Jul 8, 2017



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