1,526 ft / 465 m


111 ft / 34 m


27 summits

Top climbing months

November   17%

July   14%

September  10%

Most climbed route

Casino trail and woods roads

"Out getting North Beacon and Bear mtns for the month of December. Nice sunny day where I saw folks wearing shorts and T-shirts to others with insulated jackets on. On the calendar it was the 1st of December but weather wise it felt more like late October. With all the snow and ice gone the trails are back to mud and puddles." - Nimblefoot, Dec 1, 2018
"A super nice day with blue sky and temps rising into the 60’s. Passed numerous cyclists out enjoying the fine day making me wish I chose that instead of hiking but it’s all good. Visiting three peaks on the Hudson Highlands peak challenge, working on rounds #8 and #9. Got a real late start so had my lunch in the sun sitting on the DAR monument on the summit." - Nimblefoot, Nov 7, 2018
"It was a perfect day in which to explore the Beacon Mountain area. The weather was just about as perfect as one could ask for; 50's and not a cloud in the sky. The views were incredible and the sunset put forth otherworldly colors." - Right-On, Oct 30, 2018
"After tagging little Fingerboard mountain in Harriman SP I headed back over to the east side of the Hudson and up to Beacon to visit the DAR monument on the summit of North Beacon. Still overcast with small bits of blue sky and the coolness of early Fall. Surprising number of people heading up and down on the trail for a weekday. Some new improvements to the parking lot at Mt Beacon Park, not the old stone lot anymore. Now we need to close off all the unsightly renegade trails that cause erosion to the environs." - Nimblefoot, Sep 24, 2018
"Out tagging Scofield Ridge and Scofield Ridge North then added South Beacon with a short easy whack from the Wilkinson trail. On my way down to the car I whacked over to North Beacon to get the view from the DAR monument." - Nimblefoot, Feb 19, 2018



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