14,202 ft / 4,329 m


1,896 ft / 578 m


78 summits

Top climbing months

August   23%

June   20%

July   17%


  • One of the celebrated Colorado 14ers in the Collegiate Peaks of the Sawatch Range.
  • Like other Sawatch peaks, much of the upper part of the mountain is covered in scree and boulder fields.
  • The standard Class 2 route for climbing Mount Yale begins at the Denny Creek Trailhead.
  • Due to the similarity in heights of Mount Princeton and Mount Yale (Princeton is 1 foot higher), it was once a tradition for the alumni of each school to carry rocks to the top of their respective mountain in order to add to the stone pyramid built at the summit. The graduates used these rock towers to ensure their mountain was the tallest. Despite these efforts Princeton undisputedly remains taller.
"Another nice day to be out hitting a 14er. Being its Monday there was plenty of room in the parking area and no conga line of peakbaggers coming and going. Warmer today but the early afternoon clouds kept us from feeling roasted on our descent. Unfortunately the clouds got together and started pissing on us getting everything a bit damp the last half hour to the car. " - Nimblefoot, Jul 10, 2017
"First climb with my new climbing partner Hunter Nerison. At just above tree line we ran into an amazing and very nice climber named Michelle Cooper. She decided to join our group for the rest of the climb and I am very glad she did! This was also a redemption climb for Danielle Beckman and myself for a failed attempt of Yale from earlier in the week. It was overcast with snow flurries most of the day, but the sun would come out just often enough that we were able to still have great visibility, and some bright warm moments in the sun. We brought snowshoes but didn't end up needing them as it w" - IanWright, May 8, 2016
"Clear day in morning, typical late season small hail with late day thunderstorm in afternoon. This one was tough on knees coming down - seems to have no level ground anywhere." - Daver1950, Sep 26, 2015
"Slept in till 4:15 AM and managed to start hiking by 4:45. Got a little wet on the way down and practically ran the last mile or so down as the lightning started to get a little too close for comfort." - Yosemike, Aug 31, 2013



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