13,652 ft / 4,161 m


1,972 ft / 601 m


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September  36%

June   18%

October   18%

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Horton Lakes


  • Mount Tom in California's eastern Sierra Nevada range is a large and prominent peak near Bishop.
  • Along with its neighbor to the south, Basin Mountain, it dominates the western skyline from Bishop.
  • A popular spring backcountry skiing descent. Most common route is Elderberry Canyon with 7,000 vertical feet.
"Hiked from Horton Creek TH on Friday morning and setup basecamp at Horton Lake. Awoke Saturday morning to snow covered ground and tents. Hike to Tungstar Mine, and then up to summit of Mount Tom in a light snowstorm. Returned to basecamp, broke camp, and hiked out to the TH." - TCH, Sep 27, 2014
"My buddy Shawn and I started late at 7:00am at Horton Creek trail head, boy the roads have really deteriorated! Hiked into Horton Lake which is a fun and beautiful hike in itself, but this was only the starting point. Then came the switch backs, there are plenty of them, I'm pretty sure I'll be walking in zigzags for a week! The views are amazing! Once at the top of the switch backs, we arrived at a large plateau with a dirt road. This was a nice break. There was some old mining equipment to look at on the way. It is amazing how all of that equipment was brought up this high! If thats " - 98yota, Jun 26, 2012
"Day 2 of our first Eastern Sierra backcountry ski trip. After feeling the beat down on an abort on Mt Locke yesterday we decided to go even bigger. After flipping through the books, Mt Tom really stood out as an incredible objective. We went for it. What a huge mountain. We skinned up an alternate direct route to a col before descending into Elderberry Canyon for the climb up to the bowl. The altitude, heat, and sheer distance started to pick off our group one by one. Josh, Phil, and I kept our heads down and set a skin track in a couple of inches of powder as we zigzagged up to the ridge. " - scott, Apr 6, 2008



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