14,036 ft / 4,278 m


896 ft / 273 m


129 summits

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August   28%

July   25%

June   13%

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Fourmile Creek


  • Mount Sherman is a Colorado 14er in the Mosquito Range, approximately 8 miles south of Mount Lincoln.
  • One of the most non-descript 14ers with a flat summit and one of the easiest climbs; recommended as a beginner 14er or training climb.
  • Also the only 14er that has had a successful aircraft landing on its summit.
"Short and sweet. Decided to do an afternoon hike because the weather was so nice. Perfect weather all afternoon. Started a little after 2:30, summited 4:45. 1st time on a summit at 5 pm! " - aenea9881, Sep 3, 2017
"Had the honor to summit Mt Sherman with my Daughter today. It is her first 14er and I was impressed! Hiked via Fourmile Creek TH. Parked pretty far down the road, so about 10.5 miles total. The weather was perfect. Enjoyed seeing all the old abandoned mines and equipment. The summit is a pretty big, and for a little bit we had it all to ourselves!" - Brandon-Shinsplint-, Aug 19, 2017
"Windy! Developed into 60-70 mile per hour winds just below Mt Sheridan/Mt Sherman saddle. Scrambled off trail to avoid weather conditions. Decided it was too dangerous to summit. Several patches of snow on the trail. Quandary still 3/4 covered in snow. " - melissakwriter, Jun 16, 2017
"Successful solo sunrise summit of Mount Sherman. Started out solo at least. Funny story, It was my first time using my new gps. Something with the bluetooth was not working, and I ended up getting way off course. I saw some lights and decided to head towards them. Turns out they were lost also, and decided to head toward me for the same reason. I met up with these two lovely ladies right as my gps started working and it turns out we were back to being pretty close to on route. We decided to stick together for the rest of Sherman and I am so glad I did because they were awesome! We parted ways " - IanWright, Aug 11, 2016
"Amber, Corey, Jon, Lauro & I flew into Denver on Friday night to spend a weekend bagging a few Colorado 14ers. We got in late Friday night and did the Decalibron Loop. After that, we drove to Fourmile Creek & set up camp. We got up early and hiked up in darkness, reaching the summit just before sunrise, which was absolutely gorgeous! We got down as most groups were starting up. Since we made such good time, we drove up to Mount Evans again, since Corey hadn't been there. Awesome trip & we got really lucky with great weather all weekend!" - Kevin, Aug 30, 2015



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