9,586 ft / 2,922 m


9,587 ft / 2,922 m


103 summits

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February   15%

January   14%

April   14%

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"A 3 days 2 nights climb via the Akiki trail. Good thing the weather is fine on the whole adventure. Temperature dropped at 2°c when we were at the saddle camp. Sea of clouds was seen when we went to the summit. We went down via the Ambangeg trail. " - frankoie, Jan 12, 2018
"It was a weekday overnight hike with a group of 20 people from all parts of Metro Manila. It was my first official hike without any prior trek trainings but I was able to summit the 2nd highest peak of the Philippines! #PROUD" - mackmagno, Jan 18, 2017
"Ambangeg Trail w/ TrailAdventours https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1134802669878363.1073741844.1102703419754955&type=3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhuLj1_H_6Y " - yanengskie, Dec 28, 2015
"As we started trekking at around 12 nn, Oct. 26, 2015, we met fellow hikers who had their trip a day ahead. They were really frustrated not to be able to see the sunrise at the summit that day. We trekked smoothly and reached camp 3 at around 2 pm. Just as our tent was pitched, I went for a nap. In a short while, my friends are rushing to their tents as the rain starts to pour down stronger. It was a cold, wet and wild experience!! All of our tents are dripping, aged tents, you know... the waterproofing is already worn out. We are all making all means to keep our extra clothes and slee" - kataguan, Oct 27, 2015
"Traverse hike from Akiki to Ambangeg. Day 1: Register at DENR, travel to jumpoff, hike to Eddet River Day 2: Hike to Saddle Camp (Camp 3) Day 3: Summit sunrise, hike to Ambangeg Ranger Station" - nmenego, Sep 26, 2015



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