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  • Mount Lafayette is the highest peak in New Hampshire outside of the Presidential Range and is the 6th highest official "4000 footer" in the state
  • One of the most popular day-hike destinations in White Mountain National Forest due to spectacular views at its alpine summit. A variety of trails lead up over 3,000 vertical feet to its exposed summit.
  • The upper portion of the mountain is located in the alpine zone, an area where only small vegetation exists due to the harsh climate.
  • The Greenleaf Trail ascends to the Appalachian Mountain Club's Greenleaf Hut, then continues to the summit. The Bridle Path trail follows a western spur ridge of Lafayette and joins the Greenleaf Trail.
  • The summit lies at the junction of the Garfield Ridge Trail, which follows the ridge northeast to Mount Garfield, and the Franconia Ridge Trail, which leads south to Mount Lincoln, Liberty, and Flume. Both the Garfield Ridge Trail and the Franconia Ridge Trail form part of the Appalachian Trail.
  • A very popular day hike and perhaps the finest in the Northeast is to make a loop combining the 3 most notable summits of the Franconia Range: Little Haystack, Mount Lincoln, and Mount Lafayette. This loop is 8.9 miles with an elevation gain of about 3,900 feet.
"Coming up through Franconia notch, the morning sun looked so nice we ditched plans and swung into the lot. Up Falling Waters, big winds hit as soon as we summited Little Haystack. Fortunately the temps stayed in the 30s. Steady 25 mph winds along the ridge gusting to 40. We were the only 2 on Lafayette summit, crazy." - Alohabuffy, Jan 27, 2018
"Hiked up the Falling waters trail to the Fraconia ridge over Little Haystack, Lincoln and Lafayatte. Took thw Bridle trail down. Was a beautiful fall day, almost felt like summer." - blackwolf_03278, Oct 22, 2017
"After Lincoln, went up and did Lafayette. Then darted down the trail to the parking lot and made the obnoxious long walk on the Franc bike path back to my car. My feet were quite angry after the end of that." - newenglandwarrior, Oct 19, 2017
"Really nice day, could have used a little more sunshine, to hike the ridge. Pretty low winds made it nice. Still not sure if its easier to hike with the hordes up Falling Waters or go against the grain. Opted for against the grain." - Alohabuffy, Jun 10, 2017
"Franconia Ridge hike with Meetup Group... Trails: Old Bridle Path, Franconia Ridge Trail, Liberty Springs Trail Parking: Cars at The Basin and cars at Old Bridle Path Snow covered trails up to summits, a few icy patches, slushy patches and bare rock…throw in some mud in a few places and voila! SPRING! Water crossings: Lots on Liberty Springs all open…we had to get our boots wet quite a bit Dogs…just a few, all well behaved Traction: Spikes up, and in between a few places and some bare booting. We carried our snowshoes all day. Lost & Found: broken glasses on Liberty (PEOPLE, PICK U" - shay-shay, Apr 15, 2017



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