6,200 ft / 1,889 m


320 ft / 97 m


28 summits

Top climbing months

August   25%

June   21%

September  10%

Most climbed route

Silver Moccassin Trail

"The hike to Mt. Hillyer is scenic, rising up the Silver Moccasin Trail from Upper Chilao (past the visitor's center). After just under a mile switchbacking up the trail in sunny chaparral, you will approach Horse Flats Campground. Then, you will take a left at the signed Mt. Hillyer Trail, and will descend for a very short time, and then will start ascending as you approach the long ridge that is Mt. Hillyer. The terrain becomes very rugged with huge boulders (many opportunities for scrambling or even rock climbing). The climb can be somewhat steep at times, but nothing too hard, but just " - brianpowell, Aug 6, 2017
"I hiked up Mt. Hillyer from Chilao going north on the Silver Moccasin trail. Unlike the previous day's hike going south, the area north of Chilao was not burned by the station fire. The chaparral was mature, there were no downed trees, and no poodle dog bush. This was a much more pleasant hike than heading down to Mt. Mooney and Vetter Mountain." - klotito, Dec 4, 2016
"Stop Number 4. Thought this was going to be a quick one on the way to Bare Mountain, but I was foiled by locked gates, yet again. Decided to wing it and go cross country which turned out to result in bushwhacking through Spanish Bayonets and doing some unexpected bouldering. The "summit" of Hillyer is really just the highpoint of a large plateau. Not sure why the forest service had the road closed. It was in fine condition and no snow for miles and miles. Probably too lazy to open/close it based on conditions..." - edg, Feb 21, 2016



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