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2,133 ft / 650 m


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Long Trail from Abraham


  • Mount Ellen is a Vermont 4000-foot peak.
  • Located in the Green Mountains in an area often referred to as the Mad River Valley, it's flanked to the south by Cutts Peak and to the north by Stark Mountain.
  • Mount Ellen together with Lincoln Peak provide the slopes of Sugarbush Ski Resort.
  • Located nearby is Mad River Glen, a ski-only resort famous for its old single chair.
  • The Long Trail, a 272-mile hiking trail running the length of Vermont, traverses the summit ridge of Mount Ellen.
"Belle journée tout de même nuageuse. Je voulais faire une dernière rando avant de partir dans l'ouest des USA. Ce sera donc une rando de pratique! Nous somme un groupe très restreint et expérimenté. Ce sera donc un autre défi pour moi. 19Km et 8 sommets. Bon ok il y a des sommets qui étaient plus des bonus qu'autre chose mais ils sont là! La rando fut magnifique car nous étions sur des crêtes tout le long, de Abraham à Ellen. Je n'ai eu qu'un seul accident en cours de route et c'est au sommet de Lincoln. J'ai glissé sur une roche et j'ai bousillé mon cellulaire en tombant dessus :( :( :( Cellu" - fsoucy76, Oct 14, 2017
"Deb and I picked another beautiful day to hike, this time we did the Sugarbush Range via the Long Trail from Abraham to Lincoln to Nancy Hanks to Cutts to Ellen peak. Great weather, great views and great exercise! Found the hike very enjoyable and a steady moderate hike the whole way. " - hbotc, Sep 16, 2017
"out & back 'traverse' up to Abraham and over to Ellen AND THEN BACK..... I didnt have a car spot so it was easier just to go all the way and then come all the way back....beautiful hike, watched the rain come in and move around me but I never got wet....stunning day!!" - shay-shay, Aug 7, 2017
"Headed up to Vermont Friday night and stayed at Green Mountain campground. Following morning dropped one car off at Lincoln Gap for finish. Then headed to the Jerusalem trail for start, hiked to Ellen and over sub peaks to Mt Abraham. Was wet and rainy day, but fun day with friends just the same." - blackwolf_03278, Jun 3, 2017
"With Caet Cash. We were NOBO'ing the Long Trail, & bagged Abraham, Little Abe, Lincoln, Nancy Hanks, Cutts, & Ellen. After leaving Cutts we quickly popped out on top of this mountain. Strange to hike over the ski resorts! Not something I usually see in the woods when I hike. We didn't linger long, took a few photos and then continued on. It wasn't until about a quarter mile of drop that we realized we had just been on the summit, haha. We headed toward the Jerusalem Trail, and passed the junction to the Overlook to have another beer and snack, then backtracked and went down the Jeru" - kellieirene, May 27, 2017



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