13,640 ft / 4,157 m


200 ft / 61 m


7 summits

Top climbing months

May   71%

June   14%

July   14%

Most climbed route

Hourglass Couloir

"I had climbed Royce and Merriam Peaks the day before, so I was well acclimatized for the shorter but much more intense climb of Mt. Dade. Due to the record winter the Hourglass Couloir was still completely full of snow in late July, except for the top 100 ft or so which had melted out. The bottom half of the coulior is pretty low angle and I made quick progress upward. The top half was steep and slushy making for a slow and exhausing climb using the ice axe in the stake position. I was on the summit by 11 am but the clouds had already grown dark. While on the summit, the snow flurries came," - klotito, Jul 24, 2017
"Drove up from Vegas after work on Friday and got a few hours of sleep at the nearby Lodge. We met bright & early at the trailhead (well, the end of the plowed road - not quite the trailhead) and hiked in to Treasure Lakes, where we set up camp, melted snow, etc. We were up and moving by 430am on Sunday. We took the Hourglass Coulior, which still had plenty of snow. Once above that, the snow was patchy up to the summit of Dade. The views were tremendous!! We took in the sights and some snacks, then hiked back down to camp. Joel decided to try to glissade from about 2/3 of the way up the " - Kevin, May 14, 2017



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