13,588 ft / 4,142 m


48 ft / 15 m


10 summits

Top climbing months

July   40%

September  30%

August   20%

Most climbed route

Black Cloud Creek Trailhead

"For my second trip up Elbert, I decided to bring two New Yorkers (my old hiking buddy Tom, and my friend Matt, who had climbed about 3 mountains prior to this) up the South Ridge of Elbert. Started out rough, because I was up all night with what seemed like food poisoning, but still managed to struggle up to South Elbert, at which point I was fairly sure I couldn't go any further. The look in Tom's eyes at the prospect of backing down propelled me to continue on, and we made it to the state high point about an hour later. On the way back down, I hit the two 13ers nearby just because I have no " - LGH-Dan, Jun 16, 2017


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