3,820 ft / 1,164 m


17 summits

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September  33%

October   33%

July   22%

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North Horn trail from The AT

"A small detour from the AT takes you to this summit. More spectacular of a view than it's neighbor South Horn. Definitely worth the extra time to check it out. We ditched our packs on the trail and did the 2/10 of a mile without added weight." - mikewilliamsjr, Oct 1, 2017
"NoBo backpack on the AT from Rangeley to Monson. I ran out to the north peak, on our way up to the south peak, to get the views looking north. My companions didn't want to do the extra mileage,their loss." - Nimblefoot, Aug 9, 2016
"Great day for a hike. We struck out early this morning hoping to hike the AT up to Sugarloaf, and then on to Spaulding. The Caribou Pond Road was in good condition, but the stream crossing was high and moving fast. So change of plans... let's go hike West Peak and the Horns. So back in the truck and head for the trail head at Stratton Pond. Up the fire warden's trail. The Stratton Pond Outlet was moving right along but was safe compared to where we just were. So we crossed and hiked up the wardens trail. Summited West Peak, the wind was wild crazy and the sky was spitting ice in our faces. Now" - bwright, Oct 21, 2012


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