7.3 mi to summit

14.9 mi total


9,462 ft start

13,956 ft max


4,705 ft gain


3 hr 34 min to summit

8 hr 36 min total

Longs Peak - Storm Peak - Mt Lady Washington (attempt) - Battle Mountain - Pine Ridge
23.61km with 1,447m gain in 8:30 car-to-car

In Canada, even the mountains are polite. I have never been kicked out from the mountains in such a way: two hail and thunderstorms within just 2 or 3 hours.

1. Longs Peak, 4,360m
Started with a nice weather, summited Longs in under 4 hours. Only to see a storm coming my way. Stayed at the summit not more than 2 minutes: just few photos, one text message and had to hurry down. Almost was done with the traverses and got hit with hail and rain before the keyhole. Rested, had lunch and waited for a weather window at an alpine hut/shelter.

2. Storm Peak, 4,060m
The peak had justified its name, the wind gusts were somewhat up to 80-100km/h. In some places had really hold onto the rock in order not to be blown away. Otherwise, very short and straightforward scramble.

3. Mt Lady Washington, 4,037m - attempt
Waited and watched for the weather at a camp. Just as soon as started toward its west slopes, another bigger storm rolled in. Had to hide in a hole between camp site's stonewall and a boulder for quite some time. All in all, lost 1:30hrs because of the weather.

4. Battle Mountain, 3,671m, and Pine Ridge, 3,629m
Technically, just Lady Washington's ridge continuation. Bagged it on the way down with a little de-tour.

Route name

Keyhole Route



Key gear

trekking poles, GPS device