6,264 ft / 1,909 m


621 ft / 189 m


9 summits

Top climbing months

November   33%

September  22%

June   11%

Most climbed route

Yellowjacket Trail

"This turned out to be my final peak for my three day visit to the area. After climbing Tecuya Mountain earlier in the day, I arrived in the early afternoon. One thing that I enjoyed about hiking in this part of California is that there is a lot of solitude. I had plenty of it all afternoon, including not hearing any dirt bike activity anywhere nearby. For this peak climb, I came armed with a detailed website description of the route to the summit. It turned out to be a rather good description which helped me to navigate my way through the recently burned landscape to the point where I leave th" - Peak-Conquistador, Sep 16, 2017



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