6,871 ft / 2,094 m


228 ft / 69 m


9 summits

Top climbing months

January   33%

April   22%

May   11%

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"Lion Peak was my third and last peak of the traverse. Although until I reached it, I was not sure which peak it was. The peak I climbed looks much different than the photo on the website. However, as I reached the summit, the register clearly labeled it as Lion Peak. After visiting Little Desert and Pyramid Peak, I still had not given up on finding a route up Pine Mountain, so I didn't know at the time that this was my final peak climb for the day. Similar to Pyramid Peak, a use trail leaves the PCT and works its way to the summit. After having my modest lunch, I returned to the PCT and starte" - Peak-Conquistador, Nov 10, 2017
"The third peak of the day (after Pyramid and Pine) with the SoCal Hike and Peakbag 4 Season Hikes group, led by Jill G. We didn't find a summit marker at the top. Beautiful views, fun hike!" - HikerMark, Jan 25, 2014



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