7,345 ft / 2,238 m


1,148 ft / 349 m


8 summits

Top climbing months

July   62%

August   25%

September  12%

Most climbed route

Traseul de creasta

"At the 31st of July we travelled to Zarnesti with a small group of friends, from where we "attacked" the mountain trough Zanoaga. We arrived at the Curmatura refuge (1470 m), where we spent a day. The next day, early in the morning we made the ascent from the refuge trough the Towers of Piatra Craiului. We went trough the northern ridge untill we reached the La Om summit. Then we descended to Plaiul Foii." - Shadowkeeper, Aug 1, 2010
"I had to return this beautiful mountain, a stone spinal column. This mountain is a challenge for every mountain lover. I left the area Plaiul Foii to Spirlea refuge, where we climbed on the chains until the main ridge. Hence, we decided to go as quickly as possible to the top of La Om (On Man), return safely to us a refuge, because a storm was coming." - CODmunte, Jul 26, 2004


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