10,823 ft / 3,299 m


13 summits

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July   38%

June   15%

August   15%

Most climbed route

TRT to Freel to Jobs Sister

"Did a triple peak bagging hike on Sunday. Jobs Peak is Ogul #18 at 10663', Jobs Sister is Ogul #19 at 10823', and Freel Peak is Ogul #20 at 10881'. Freel Peak is the tallest peak in the Tahoe area. Hiked these with Carley and Lucy from NorCal Women Adventurers. The hike up to Jobs Peak was steep and steady, but the trail was nicely maintained and shaded in the morning until we got up toward the saddle. Then it was much more desert like, with interesting rock formations along the ridge. We angled up to avoid a steep snowfield on the trail, and stopped for a snack before the push to the summit." - kaylam87, Jul 16, 2017
"After summiting Freel Peak I dropped down and ran over to Job's Sister. Unfortunately time constraints didn't allow me to pop up to Job's Peak ....and it was right there( ! ). Back up Freel and down to the car." - Nimblefoot, Jul 19, 2013



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