Lazio peaks

1,254 peaks

Highest peak

Pizzo Di Sevo

7,936 ft / 2,418 m

Most summited peak

Monte Terminillo

3 summits

Most prominent peak

Monte Cacume

183 ft / 56 m prom

Lazio summits

60 summits

First Ascent Awards

47 of 1,254 peaks 3%

Top climbing months

August 20%

February 14%

June 14%

Lazio mountains highlights

"Same route up as previously. After the summit tried to head down the ridge to the smaller peak but left it too late in the day to do so safely. No discernible path, boulder strewn ridge, thick vegetation. Will try a different route next time. So turned back and skirted round the mountain following an animal track." - Monte Acquapuzza, vygodski, Feb 17, 2018
"Very pleased to climb this, the closest significant hill to where I live when in Italy. Half the height is easily reached by a gravel road called the "tedesco" path, possibly because it was built by the Germans during WWII, which I took from Tufette. From the highest point of this, there is no man-made path to the summit and the going is tough in places - through thick undergrowth and boulders underfoot. The summit is interesting, there is evidence of walls and ramparts in a circular form - there is a circular depression at the very top - that suggests a fort or outpost of some sort once stood" - Monte Acquapuzza, vygodski, Feb 8, 2018
"A short walk along asphalted road from the acropolis takes you to this minor peak. The actual summit cannot be quite reached, it is a gated military zone with radio antennae. A short walk down from here gives you a good view of the ridge leading to the peak of Circeo proper." - Monte Circello, vygodski, Jan 30, 2018
"This mountain is something of a travesty. There is a 2000 year old road up called via sacra made from the basalt from the old volcano. It has been restored at some point but sections have now fallen into disrepair. I met it from half way up, around 700m, but a longer walk could leave from further down. The ancient road ends very unceremoniously but you can get to the top proper by doubling back and taking the other road. On the summit there used to be a restaurant and view points, but it has now become a military zone and is full of huge antennae. Descending I took a turn off the path to Camp" - Monte Cavo, vygodski, Sep 20, 2017
"An interesting varied path from the parking place at Santa Serena, following a marked route heading first away from Mt Malaina then back again behind the foothill. Here there is a turn off, I think, for an alternative route up Semprevina - marked on the map in the parking place but not on my map. The path for Malaina rises relatively steeply up to the ridge to the col between the two peaks then continues rising toward the top which can be reached directly with a little bit of a scramble or more leisurely by coming up behind it. Had planned to visit Semprevina too, and try to find the abyss, bu" - Monte Malaina, vygodski, Sep 18, 2017

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