6,385 ft / 1,946 m


185 ft / 56 m


4 summits

Top climbing months

July   75%

September  25%

Most climbed route

Trail up from Wonderland Trail

"I went on a scramble with the Mountaineers up to Hessong Rock and Mount Pleasant. We did a loop around from Mowich Lake TH at the end of Rt 165, going around part of the Wonderland Trail. Hessong Rock was an interesting scramble, up the sheer cliffs that face directly to Mt Rainier, 5 miles to the SE. Mt Pleasant was a more straightforward hike up along the ridge from Hessong. We circled back around to the north, through Knapsack Pass and back to the cars. 2065 ft gain, 10 miles, 8:30 hours" - markgarrett, Jul 26, 2018



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