8,299 ft / 2,529 m


739 ft / 225 m




111 summits

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May   35%

June   10%

April   9%

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Church Fork

"First mountain summit of the year. On a trail run with some friends from SLC while passing through town. More details on my training/peak bagging on my website: www.gorunpure.com" - Josh.C.Arthur, Apr 24, 2013
"Made a trip up to Salt Lake to pick up the family and all our furnishings to take down to Arizona. While I was in town I wanted to get a climb in. I took Taylor and Scott Wilson out on a beautiful day. This was Scott's first summit. We made the summit with winter conditions in 2:30. I believe this was Taylor's 8th summit. Hopefully I'll be back in April to take Scott up Mt. Olympus." - darinwilson, Mar 10, 2013
"Made a trip up to get out of the inversion. Really bad air in the valley. When I made the descent as I came back into the bad air the temperature dropped at least 10-15 degrees. First summit of 2013!" - darinwilson, Jan 6, 2013
"Summit with Taylor, Talon, and Cole. My goal was to make the summit in under 2 hours. We took one short break and made the summit in 1:58. Not bad for these little guys. It was Taylor's 3rd summit, Cole's 2nd, and Talon's 2nd. We made a fast descent of about an hour. I told them I had a surprise for them when we get down. Once we made it to the bottom I told them the surprise was that we were going to head back up. They didn't like that idea. I'm actually going to do Grandeur Peak twice in one day in the near future. I have not done this yet. Fun day!" - darinwilson, Oct 7, 2012
"Summited mid-day with my girlfriend and dog. There is a lot of southern exposure on the trail, and the rock heats up pretty good by 10am, so I'd suggest either leaving the dog at home or using dog booties. The trail was starting to bother my dog by the time we made our descent. " - John7050, Jul 9, 2012



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