10,541 ft / 3,213 m


7,518 ft / 2,291 m


19 summits

Top climbing months

July   33%

August   19%

September  19%


  • Most remote -- and least well-known -- of the 5 major volcanoes in the Cascades of Washington
  • Surrounded by the Glacier Peak Wilderness; requires at least a 10 mile hike in to the usual base camps
  • All routes require glacier travel; currently the most popular route is the south side via Gerdine and Cool Glaciers with 8900 ft of vert gain.
  • Summit affords one of the most classic views of Washington's mountains due to its towering position deep in the Cascades
" 0ther than being hot, perfect weather. Peak of wildflowers and alpine meadows. Summiters included a dog using claws for crampons, and a cyclist from Mongolia. First night at shelter in old growth forest. Second night at Glacier Gap. After summit, night at White Pass. Out the next day." - bobcarson, Jul 29, 2017
"Broke camp at 3:45 AM, leaving from the first campsite one reaches after dropping over the ridge from White Pass. Despite some good beta on the route out of the White Chuck basin, we had some minor route finding issues in the dark. We thought we had circled the base of the glacier when we really we had started up a rock island that is passed on both sides by fingers of the glacier. We backtracked without adding too much time. The photo I’ve attached might help others. The route out of the basin spits you out with the option of either crossing a permanent snowfield (glacier) or dropping s" - TynanRammGranberg, Aug 9, 2015



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