Bayern peaks

5,533 peaks

Highest peak


9,717 ft / 2,961 m

Most summited peak


48 summits

Most prominent peak


5,728 ft / 1,745 m prom

Bayern summits

472 summits

First Ascent Awards

263 of 5,533 peaks 4%

Top climbing months

August 17%

July 12%

March 9%

Bayern mountains highlights

"Took the Dalsenwinkelstraße up, because of a supposed construction site on Kehlsteinstraße. Due to the massive snow on northern slope it was not always easy to recognize the road. Great view from the top! Because of the difficulties decided to take the Kehlsteinstraße for the way down. No construction site seen." - Kehlstein, Adrian, Jan 10, 2018
"Long hike from Hammerstiel to the Archenkanzel with great views of the Königssee. Took a small detour on the way back via Kühroint to summit Grünstein a second time, shortly before dusk settled in." - Grünstein, Adrian, Jan 7, 2018
"Beautiful day with great sunny weather and no wind at all. The only disssapointement is the last few hundred meters to the summit are on steep lose rocks/little kiezel. Very annoying walking and could be dangerous if more people are on the mountain. You better take a helmet." - Hochwanner, martin-nijboer, Oct 19, 2017
"What a great day today, probably last day of the season with such nice sunny weather and nice temperatures. Kreuzspizte is really nice mountain to climb. Not many people and a nice track going up with now and than also some nice rocks too climb, so nice mixed terrain which everybody should be able to do. " - Kreuzspitze, martin-nijboer, Oct 4, 2017
"Small mountain near the city of Füssen. The concept of the Kalvarienberg is to re-enact the path of Jesus Christ. But you can climb the mountain without being a true believer just to enjoy the view." - Kalvarienberg, Adrian, Feb 5, 2017

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