Rhône-Alpes peaks

2,275 peaks

Highest peak

Mont Blanc

15,782 ft / 4,810 m

Most summited peak

Mont Blanc

72 summits

Most prominent peak

Mont Blanc

15,404 ft / 4,695 m prom

Rhône-Alpes summits

353 summits

First Ascent Awards

155 of 2,275 peaks 6%

Top climbing months

August 20%

July 19%

June 12%

Rhône-Alpes mountains highlights

"France. Noticed the mountain when arriving at Refuge de la Valette the day before. Had a nice flat form, looked like an observation platform. Climbed it in early morning before descending to Pralognan and ending our tour in the heart of the national park of Vanoise." - Roc de la Valette, Pieter, Aug 17, 2016
"France. Climbed Col d'Aussois with backpacks. Left them at the base of the top. Very crowded. Had to wait till people left. Stayed for couple of minutes. Went down slowly on other side of col, steep. Rested at a river that had its source at Glacier du Génépy. Went on to Refuge de la Valette. Was beyond exhausted after last climb." - Pointe de l' Observatoire, Pieter, Aug 16, 2016
"France. Started Tour des Glaciers at Pralognan. Reached Refuge du Col de la Vanoise at noon. Left backpacks. Took small wrong path to the left. Dead end on a ridge. Went back and to the right. Saw path and big cairns. Climbed to massive glacier. Walked at the edge. Climbed on rocks. Saw a guy on the left. Ran to him and talked. There's a way to the top! Lost some time but it was worth it. What a view. Back down, ate a lot. Decided to keep going after. Saw chamois at Col de la Vanoise. Turned right at bunker. Sun setting. Passed by lakes. Stumbled in streams. With help of full moon light, we ar" - Pointe de la Rechasse, Pieter, Aug 14, 2016
"My plans for Mont Blanc were cancelled from the bad weather and very high avalanche risk so I did some trekking around the valley. Tried Mont Buet earlier that day but found this too icy with low visibility and active snowfall, so I looked for something a bit easier. The west end of the valley was the only spot with sun so I hike this poorly named tree covered summit. Complete TR: http://themtsarecalling.com/prarion/" - Tête Noire, Christopher, Jun 17, 2016
"After having to cancel my Mont Blanc plans due to weather, hiked up to this really nice (although low) summit with great views of the area. Clouds cleared just as I topped out, giving views in every direction aside from Mont Blanc. Complete TR: http://themtsarecalling.com/prarion/" - Le Prarion, Christopher, Jun 17, 2016

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