9,575 ft / 2,918 m


424 ft / 129 m


23 summits

Top climbing months

August   21%

May   17%

April   13%

Most climbed route

North Backbone Trail

"Last stop. Smoke was up and over the summit. Could see Baldy pretty clearly, but the rest of range had disappeared. Few cracks of thunder and some light rain on the hike back to Guffy." - edg, Jul 30, 2016
"Ski lift trail to Baldy; onward north to Dawson and Pine and back up to Baldy (2x today; we skirted the summit of Dawson on the return from Pine, so only one summit of Dawson); then back to the Baldy Lodge grabbing Harwood on the way, where we saw two bighorn sheep. Back down to Manker Flats via the service road." - HikerMark, Jun 27, 2015
"3rd peak of 3-peak Sierra Club hike to Wright-Pine-Dawson; 1.2 miles w/750' gain from Pine Mountain, 35 mins along south ridge trail. 4.8 miles w/900' gain (2hrs 20mins) back to TH at Guffy CG. " - BradStemm, Sep 6, 2013



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