14,199 ft / 4,328 m


65 ft / 20 m


6 summits

Top climbing months

July   33%

October   33%

August   16%

Most climbed route

Mount Whitney Trail

"We had to turn back at 11,900 feet last week due to hail & lightning, so we drove back up from Vegas this weekend to finish the job! We started at 1230am from Whitney Portal. We took the trail up & reached the summit of Mount Muir soon after sunrise. We were feeling good, so instead of going directly to Mount Whitney, we decided to climb all of the needles along the way! In all, we climbed Mount Muir, S'Brutal Tower, Aiguille Junior, Aiguille du Paquoir, Aiguille Extra, Third Needle, Crooks Peak, Keeler Needle and Mount Whitney, in that order!!! From there, we took a brief rest, then" - Kevin, Jul 26, 2014


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