13,179 ft / 4,017 m


7,067 ft / 2,154 m


12 summits

Top climbing months

August   50%

July   41%

September  8%


  • Cloud peak is the highest point in the Bighorn Mountains.
"I hiked in via West Tensleep Trail to Misty Moon Lake, where I camped for the night. I then summited the next day- 4 hours up and 2.5 down. Spent the night at Misty Moon and hiked out the following day. I had great weather but the whole area was covered in smoke from forest fires. I saw five large bull moose at Misty Moon." - SDadventurer, Aug 24, 2012
"With Bruce Behrens. Tried to go light and do in one day. Nope! Cold night with no sleeping bag or pad but did have a tent. Part of a good trip including Devils Tower and the Grand Teton. Summitted next day. " - louhibbard, Aug 20, 2012
"Climbed in one long day from West Tensleep Lake Trailhead. Beautiful warm weather. Met many backpackers and at least a dozen climbers, all enjoying the Cloud Peak Wilderness. Saw 15 elk in the early morning, and 5 on the way out." - Crawfordsl, Jul 31, 2012



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