20,561 ft / 6,267 m

#1 in Chimborazo

#1 in Ecuador


13,523 ft / 4,122 m

#1 in Chimborazo

#1 in Ecuador


22 summits

#1 in Chimborazo

#3 in Ecuador

Top climbing months

January   18%

March   14%

November   14%

Most climbed route



  • Chimborazo, a massive, inactive stratovolcano, is Ecuador's highest peak.
  • Its last eruption is thought to have occurred some time in the first millennium AD.
  • Its summit is generally regarded as the spot on the surface farthest from the center of the Earth, at a distance of 3,967.1 miles.
  • Chimborazo is a very popular climb and can be climbed year round with the best seasons being December-January and July-August.
  • The easiest (Grade: PD) and most climbed routes are the Normal and the Whymper route.
  • Both are western ridge routes starting at the Whymper hut and leading via the Ventemilla summit to the main (Whymper) summit.
  • There are several other less used and more challenging routes on the other faces and ridges.