Reach the summits of the 50 best tramping peaks in New Zealand as selected by the outdoor magazine Wilderness. This challenge covers the entire country, with 17 peaks on the North Island, 32 peaks on the South Island, and 1 on Stewart Island way to the south. See more at


Highest peak


9,465 ft / 2,884 m

Most prominent peak

Mount Ruapehu, Tahurangi

9,176 ft / 2,796 m

Most summited peak

Ben Lomond

18 summits

Most difficult peak

no info yet

Difficulty breakdown

no info yet

Top climbing months

March   18%

April   10%

May   10%

"started out from the avalanche peak track, summited about 3 hours after starting. a group of friends and I attempted to traverse to mt bealy via lydell peak but the ridge looked quite unwelcoming and so we turned around descending via scotts track" - Avalanche Peak, ThomasDames, Mar 30, 2018
"climbed castle hill peak from mt plenty following the obvious ridge that is pretty wide and climbs gently towards the "saddle" between foggy and castle hill peak. had quite a bit of wind and decided to return following the ridgeline to foggy peak, then descending to porters pass and walking back to dry stream great hike, i imagine its good fun in the snow too" - Castle Hill Peak, ThomasDames, Mar 26, 2018
"Relaxed start at 9 a.m. on a Saturday. We've met quite a few people on the trail that came out to enjoy the warm weather. Track starts off at sharplin falls car park and climbs through a initially quite muddy forest. As soon as you get out of the forest the track climbs very easily towards the junction leading to the south face summit track. From there it's an easy, somewhat scrambly, 1 hr hike to the summit. The last part over the ridge is great fun. Excellent views from the top" - Mount Somers, ThomasDames, Mar 10, 2018
"First snow for the year. Beautiful climb past Foggy Peak and onto Castle Hill Peak. Unfortunately clouded over at the summit and then hit by a blizzard on the return climb up Foggy. Luckily it cleared again just over the summit as visibility was low with almost white out conditions. Great fun with micro spikes on the icy ground low down and powdery snow above 1500 metres. 5 hours up and down." - Castle Hill Peak, TonyFullerNZ, May 22, 2016
"Four and a half hours up and down. Cloudy day. No views of Mt Rolleston. Passed a few climbers who turned back because of clouds and wind. Still and calm on the peak though. I climb this at least once a month for fitness. Beautiful climb and a good work out." - Avalanche Peak, TonyFullerNZ, Apr 26, 2016