Head into the mountains from Metro Manila! Includes 50 of the most popular peaks climbable in a day from the Metro Manila area. Note: Mount Banahaw is currently closed to mountaineers (reopening date unknown) but still included here.


Highest peak

Mount Banahaw

7,080 ft / 2,157 m

Most prominent peak

Mount Banahaw

7,080 ft / 2,157 m

Most summited peak

Mount Batulao

65 summits

Most difficult peak

no info yet

Difficulty breakdown

no info yet

Top climbing months

July   11%

March   10%

January   9%

"Introduced mountaineering to some of our friends, Mount Sipit Ulang is one of the best mountain for beginners. With exciting trails along forested area and sharp limestones and fascinating view of the Rizal mountain ranges. Plus a sidetrip to Payaran Falls." - Mount Sipit Ulang, frankoie, Mar 25, 2017
"UPM Batch Tagtag Induction climb Mt. Tapulao traverse from Mayantoc, Tarlac to Palauig, Zambales February 4-6, 2017 three-day climb eleven river crossings and 10 summits including Mt. Tapulao summit" - Mount Tapulao, MJGPresto, Feb 5, 2017
"20171203 Dayhike 0900H to 1800H Entry fork + Old trail 1000H + Old trail campsite 1330H + Summits + New trail reverse 1430H-1730H, back to entry 1800H Mostly sunny with cold wind spells. Patches of drizzle and light rain on 1330H and moderate rain at 1830H Started the climb with meet-up at Manila and at Evercrest entrance. Muddy entry trail from Evercrest to entry fork. Crossed small rocky paths with difficulty. Dry path from sunny weather. First registration. Hot forest traverse in old trail, but cooled off by brief wind sways. 1210H Momentarily lost midway from trail. Second registratio" - Mount Batulao, christianr009, Dec 3, 2016
"20160528 Pamitinan Dayhike Personal Itinerary Synopsis: Planned mountain hike planned on Friday to be executed on Saturday. Physical condition goes at top shape. Food summary of prepared food for lunch plus consumables. Second hike. Trail described as tall and rough with inspiring rock formations, moderate forestation, full-on vertical assaults, rock climbing segments, and individual viewpoints for nearby mountains and Rodriguez, Rizal. Overall, a challenging mountain that will test basic grip coordination and endurance against time for scheduled ascent. Participants: Christian R. (a" - Mount Pamitinan, christianr009, May 28, 2016
"Route up/down: Brgy Wawa When started out at around 5AM and reached peak 2 at around 9:30AM :-) One of my friends often called out for rests almost every 10 minutes hehe. It was her first climb. Stayed at the summit for just about 30 minutes, then started going down and reached Brgy Wawa at 12NN." - Mount Hapunang Banoy, sylespina, May 20, 2016