The definitive challenge of non-technical summits in the southern Canadian Rockies from Alan Kane's book "Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies". Most are day trips accessible from the Calgary area. A companion to the Canadian Rockies Scrambles North peak challenge. Get the book here:


Highest peak

Mount Rae

10,557 ft / 3,218 m

Most prominent peak

Mount Galatea

4,200 ft / 1,280 m

Most summited peak

Opal Ridge

71 summits

Most difficult peak

Mount Tecumseh

Class 2

Difficulty breakdown

Class 1/2 1 peak

Class 3/4 5 peaks

Class 5+ 1 peak

Top climbing months

August   24%

July   23%

September  15%

"Windy in the drive out at 6am. 2 of three of us had done North Opal. So we settled on what we interpreted Kane to say as "Opal Ridge" Traverse as opposed to "Opal" "Ridge Traverse". Coming from the south we had no company and the wind was at our back for most of the 6.5 hr circuit. We met folks at the north summit of Opal Ridge. Some light snow overnight meant the mountains were spectacular. A hard rain and then wind slab on eastern slopes allowed easy travel but an omen for later in the avalanche season. We sat on all the summits with no wind and managed to walk the ridge or just east of the " - Opal Ridge, alexjoseph, Oct 27, 2018
"Some good scrambling. Great views of Kananaskis. An impressive summit for a relatively short day! Could easily be done in under 5 hours if you keep a good pace. The snow is holding off, might be the last day of the week where peaks like these are still easy. " - Mount Chester, jakefinnan, Sep 11, 2018
"Biked and hiked up Fullerton with Feli. I remembered the creek bed from Nihahi last year, but it didn't seem as bad this time for some reason... maybe because it was a shorter day! Everything went fine, navigation was straightforward. No issues, but the wind was chilly at the top and it made me feel sad for the oncoming fall and soon the end of scrambling season..." - Mount Fullerton, leigh-annewebster, Aug 30, 2018
"With warrior. Descended warrior and went back up cordonnier via standard descent to avoid the snowy, slabby connecting ridge. This route wasn't great, but got the job done " - Mount Cordonnier, mike_rogers81, Aug 27, 2018
"An interesting day, chosen due to smoke and suffering from a sore knee of late. Went with a CSMC trip, along the way we picked up a random along the trail and then lost the trail approaching the col and scrambled up some loose stuff. Lots more loose stuff along the main route up the ridge, as others have said a helmet is a great idea here. After stopping at the archway for a photo, the hiker we picked up was climbing down from the arch and decided to toss his bag for extra mobility. The bag ended up rolling through the archway and all of the way down the sheer north face of Tyrwhitt never to b" - Mount Tyrwhitt, MarkJPerkins, Aug 25, 2018