Climb these 10 peaks surrounding Big Bear Lake, California. Summiting 5 peaks qualifies for Bear Cub status while all 10 earns you the coveted Big Bear award.


Highest peak

Sugarloaf Mountain

9,952 ft / 3,033 m

Most prominent peak

Sugarloaf Mountain

1,952 ft / 594 m

Most summited peak

Bertha Peak

31 summits

Most difficult peak

Bertha Peak

Class 1

Difficulty breakdown

Class 1/2 2 peaks

Top climbing months

September  16%

August   13%

October   12%

"Really fun day trying out some of the routes on the SW Face. Did Great Steps of Cheops 5.8, The Sphinx 5.6 and Ball and Chain 5.10a. Complete TR:" - Castle Rock, Christopher, Aug 25, 2018
"I went ahead and prioritized this hike because all of a sudden I had one peak left to climb to complete my Big Bear 10 Peak Challenge. Looks like round 1 is complete now. There were ski lifts that simply take you up there, but that wasn't for me. I wanted to do this the right way. The trail to the top is rather scenic. On top are an assortment of buildings, most of which are closed for the season. Instead of coming back down right away, I continued heading east toward Sugarlump Mountain. The Log Chute Trail to the summit is 1.4 miles, with an optional 1 mile loop on the mountain top." - Snow Summit, Peak-Conquistador, Aug 30, 2017
"A short climb up a peak that I just had to attempt, since I was parked right next to it. I was parked near the gradual ridge on the east side. I followed that ridge to the top. On the way down I took a fairly well defined use trail that dropped back down to the road near Hanna Flats Campground." - Little Bear Peak, Peak-Conquistador, Aug 23, 2017
"A nice cool and clear day. While starting the hike about 5 miles away, I could see the lookout tower on top of the peak most of the way. I had the dirt road and the mountain to myself. Even the lookout person failed to show up today. In looking through the window, I saw a huge group of people signed the guest list for the previous day. I guess Wednesdays are for fools like me and the crickets. Very peaceful day, regardless. I started the hike next to Camp Whittle, which probably wasn't the closest starting point but it was convenient for me because I didn't even need to move the car before nex" - Butler Peak, Peak-Conquistador, Aug 23, 2017
"Amazing, mild weather for a hike. Sugarloaf was lovely, with incredible views of snow frosted Gorgonio. Notes: The trail was rocky pretty much the entire way. There's still patches of snow lining on the north face. I found them fun but bring poles at least and be mindful. Although I feel like they're melting quickly now. Lastly, when I went the gate from the northern route was locked, adding maybe three plus miles of rocky drudgery. " - Sugarloaf Mountain, JustinB, Apr 25, 2017