Get up to the alpine! The famous Alps challenge. Includes peaks in the Alps over 4000 m lying in France, Italy, and Switzerland from the official 1994 UIAA list. A hit-list of famous alps mountains, a true lifetime mountaineering challenge.


Highest peak

Mont Blanc

15,782 ft / 4,810 m

Most prominent peak

Mont Blanc

15,410 ft / 4,696 m

Most summited peak

Mont Blanc

74 summits

Most difficult peak

no info yet

Difficulty breakdown

no info yet

Top climbing months

July   30%

August   28%

September  15%

"That was one of the goals I was preparing for as part of my solo expedition in the Alps! Tried to scale it all the way from Chamonix, but after reaching the top of Mer de glace glacier, got kicked out by bad weather and nasty crevasses on Glacier du Geant icefall. So I took the lift to Aiguille du Midi and went up the 3 Monts route to Mont Blanc and spent the night at Vallot bivouac at 4365m. The next day walked all the way down to the village Les Houches at 1000m altitude. " - Mont Blanc, Christos, Aug 11, 2018
"28/07/18 left Chamonix and drove through the Mont Blanc tunnel to Pont Italy in the Gran Paradiso national park. Hiked up to the vittorio emanuele 11 refuge 2732 m assent of 850m. Had lunch cheese and ham omelette, rested until set evening meal lasagne then meat and mash potato's, and then desert. Food was excellent, but squat toilets (WHY DO THEY STILL EXIST IN 2018?) Left the hut after a light breakfast 4:30 am reached the summit at 8:54 am after a short exposed climb. A magnificent clear day with great views Back to the hut for omelette then back to Pont. Then back to Chamon" - Gran Paradiso, JohnJones, Jul 29, 2018
"Incredible climb and summit. Got lucky with weather with minimal rain on the approach day to Chabot hut and sunny skies on summit day. Snow cover on the normal dry morraine meant early crampons all the way until the summit. Guide pushed the pace through the crevasses glacier with an exposed knife ridge finish. Holly gave it her all despite near frostbitten hands. One of my most memorable summits to date. Complete TR:" - Gran Paradiso, Christopher, Jun 14, 2018
"Early start from the Chabot hut - above 3000m, the wind picked up and the top 500m was intensely cold with ice forming on our faces/clothes. Route was covered in hard ice that even crampons had issues with and limited visibility up on the (busy) summit. Short stop for a bit at the Chabot hut on the descent before the sweaty trek back down to the car." - Gran Paradiso, mproudfoot, Sep 13, 2017
"Started with my guide Michal Sekelsky at 4 in the morning from the Hörnli hutte. Tired after no sleep in the hut. Around 30 people in total started to climb. Reached Solvay hut within 2- 2,5 hours during the sunrise, and put on the crampons at the start of the fixed ropes. Used no axe after the fixed ropes near the summit. Cloudy weather but on the way down the sky cleared up a bit. Drank 2 liters of water and 1,5 l Coke! and had a bar and a sandwich at Solvay hut on the way down. It took me 4,5 hours up but around 6 hours down. Exposure on the ridge and tired knees is one explanation. The cli" - Matterhorn, niklasbennwik, Jul 18, 2017