8,284 ft / 2,525 m


680 ft / 207 m


20 summits

Top climbing months

May   23%

April   19%

July   19%

Most climbed route

Vincent Tumamait Trail

"Final stop (though I guess I did Sawmill and Pinos again on the way back. Snow was quite deep descending from Grouse to Puerta del Suelo. Snow was patchy on the ridge up to Cerro Noroeste (Abel); I ended up leaving my snowshoes at the saddle and bare booting up the ridge. Summit was treed and fogged in. LONG hike back up to Grouse, down, up to Sawmill, down, up to Pinos, down. Winds were gusting quite strong at the top of Pinos and a frigid fog set in on my hike back to the TH. Got there just before sunset. Thanks Daylight Savings!" - edg, Mar 14, 2016
"Peak 4 of 4 during the "Mount Pinos Biathalon." I stashed a bike at Cerro Noroeste campground, then drove down to the McGill Trailhead. I then hiked up and over Mt. Pinos, Sawmill, and Grouse back to Cerro Noroeste where I grabbed my bike and rode 16 mi back down to my car." - klotito, Aug 2, 2015



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