Newfoundland and Labrador peaks

863 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Caubvick (Mont d'Iberville)

5,420 ft / 1,652 m

Most summited peak

Gros Morne

19 summits

Most prominent peak

The Cabox

2,671 ft / 814 m prom

Newfoundland and Labrador summits

88 summits

First Ascent Awards

50 of 863 peaks 5%

Top climbing months

July 22%

August 20%

September 12%

Newfoundland and Labrador mountains highlights

"Walk the north harbor trail to the base of Signal Hill, climbed the stairs to the summit and returned via the Battery trail. This was Ting-Ru's and Yung-Han's first Canadian peak (unless you count the no name hill near Ochre Hill we climbed the day before" - Signal Hill, jak5280, Aug 25, 2017
"Easy enough 5k trip up from the trail head. It's virtually all up for 5k and is very runnable with the exception of the last few hundred meters, where the actual climb begins. " - Centre Hill, maqamigewasi, Jul 15, 2017
"perfect day in beautiful Newfoundland to climb. this trail was a delight- until it started up the scree. then it was rocks for the remainder of the loop. saw two moose and a baby moose up on the summit as I enjoyed my ice cold beer. I think the trail back down was worse than climbing up the scree. " - Gros Morne, Hillary, Jul 10, 2015
"Left Codroy Valley in south western Newfoundland, snowmobiled to couteau bay, Hope Brook gold mine, Passing through Western and Eastern Fox hill along the way. 270Km round trip. " - Eastern Fox Hill, davidgillam, Apr 9, 2015
"First time camping in Gros Morne Park, and first ever summit! Big group of us stayed for a few nights, had some interesting bedfellows in the family of moose who insisted on visiting and bedding down by our tents, and spent a lovely October day clambering up and down Gros Morne. Very lucky to go to school only an hour away from the park, and amidst the Longe Range Mountains, looking forward to more experiences in the mountains! " - Gros Morne, meghan-bush, Oct 25, 2014

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