11,307 ft / 3,446 m


3,767 ft / 1,148 m


23 summits

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July   23%

September  19%

June   15%

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drove up

"I feel like it's cheating, as my Jeep did all of the work - but my partner and I "summitted" Brian Head peak. We were out leaf peeping and drove up the mountain, because me on a gravel road is like a cat with catnip. Windy and chilly, but oh, the views...! I had never even been to Brian Head before (not much of a skiier) - it was so beautiful I would love to come back and spend more time in the area. " - psychikingjes, Sep 23, 2018
"Yoka was nice enough to give me a ride to Cedar City, UT so I could pick up our truck. She’s running the Cedar City half tomorrow! (Have a great run!) I didn’t want to waste a trip and had a few hours to spare so I drove up and Bagged Brian Head Peak. Only a half mile to hike to bag an 11,307’ Peak with views of 3 different states. The truck did all the work gaining 6,000’. I think it is the same Mtn road the race is held on. It’s going to be a nice route for the runners. I will have to try this race one year. Super pretty Mtn Range. I was surprised how stunning the views were! I skied in Bria" - paula.raimondi, Sep 7, 2018
"After being chased away from Mt. Peale by T-storms, started towards Zion and decided to tag this on a whim. Started out near the Marathon Trailhead and sauntered my way cross country from an early morning summit. Very enjoyable." - Christopher, Jul 24, 2013


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