9,712 ft / 2,960 m


248 ft / 76 m


34 summits

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July   15%

June   15%

March   13%

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Bergen Peak Trail

"Nice 9+ mile hike for a late start! Set a record personal best pace on this guy because I ran down most of it, and finished the entire out and back in 2:39, with an average speed of 3.4 mph (max 7 mph). I fear I might be starting to enjoy trail running (at least on the descents..)" - LGH-Dan, Jul 1, 2017
"My second summit of Bergen Peak. One of my good friends is moving away and wanted to get one last climb in before he left. We didn't have much time to plan so we picked something close in the front range. A very overcast, but overall nice day. " - IanWright, Mar 28, 2016



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